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Experience seamless integration, precision, and unparalleled efficiency with North Logics – your key to transformative ERP solutions.

Your Journey with Our Latest Suite of Custom ERP Services

Elevate seamlessly with our ERP experts—developers, QA engineers, analysts, consultants, and project managers—unleashing high-end solutions for your business success.

ERP Consulting Services

Our team analyzes your business environment, understands strategic needs, and acts as trusted advisors to formulate and implement critical ERP software strategies.

Custom ERP Solutions

Precise development for all businesses. Our robust systems seamlessly deliver key insights on web, mobile, and on-premise platforms.

ERP Implementation Services

Our experts ensure precision in implementing top-tier business software, handling custom networks, servers, and data management seamlessly while prioritizing data integrity.

Your Partner in ERP and Development Success

As a premier ERP consulting firm, North Logics specializes in crafting custom ERP solutions for diverse industries, delivering exceptional and robust outcomes in enterprise software development.

Swift Development

Our agile approach delivers the MVP of your ERP solution in 2-3 months, with regular updates every 4-6 weeks.

End-to-End Support

North Logics ensures a seamless journey from design and development to implementation and post-deployment support.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Our bespoke ERP solutions are designed for seamless access across mobile, web, and desktop, prioritizing intuitive UI/UX.

Effortless Integration

We seamlessly integrate your ERP solution with platforms like Magento and Salesforce, cutting-edge technologies, and other vital ERP modules.

Assured Transparency

At North Logics, transparency is non-negotiable. We provide clear insights into both the development process and pricing, empowering informed business decisions at every project stage

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom ERP system cost?

The pricing for a custom ERP system varies based on factors like feature complexity, application design, and development hours. On average, the cost of custom ERP software development typically falls between $30,000 and $350,000.

How much time does it require to build an ERP solution?

The timeline for building a custom ERP solution varies, spanning from a few days to several months. Factors influencing the duration include:

  • Project specifications
  • Planned time to market
  • Team size
  • Platform and technology stack selection
  • Integration requirements

For an accurate estimation of both cost and timeline for your ERP project, reach out to our team of experienced ERP developers.

What ERP services does North Logics offer?

As a leading ERP solution provider, North Logics delivers a diverse range of ERP software development services to meet all your enterprise resource planning needs:

  • Expert ERP consulting services
  • Tailored custom ERP software solutions
  • Seamless ERP implementation services
  • Robust ERP application development
  • Efficient managed services
  • Strategic staff augmentation services
How can you benefit from North Logics ERP services?

Discover the myriad benefits of ERP services from a trusted custom ERP software development firm like North Logics:

Enhanced Productivity:

Automate mundane tasks, optimize corporate processes, and gain real-time insights, boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

Improved Decision-Making:

Access robust ERP systems with reliable, real-time data for swift and informed decision-making.


Adapt and expand ERP systems to meet evolving business demands, ensuring seamless scalability with business growth.


Achieve cost savings through ERP systems by automating operations and reducing manual data entry.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Foster improved collaboration between departments and locations by utilizing ERP systems as a central hub for information exchange and communication.

In summary, our ERP software development services empower companies to enhance flexibility, effectiveness, and competitiveness in the dynamic business landscape.

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